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We are the nominees for the Food Ingredients Europe Innovation Awards 2017!

Partner-M became the nominees for «Food Ingredients Europe Innovation Awards 2017» contest! In the «Growth Categories» nomination, companies, who have developed a highly effective innovative product for use in proteins, dairy products, bakery products, beverages, confectionery products, are competing.

Partner-M’s functional wheat flour Amilon will contest for the title of an innovative product. Amilon is an innovative ingredient for innovative baking! Starch flour Amilon is a natural product obtained from wheat using the air classification method. Flour Amilon has a high nutritional value, it retains all the useful raw materials: macro and micro elements, vitamins, amino acids. This functional ingredient finds its application in bakery, confectionery, sausage production, as well as pies and sauces.

«Amilon» has two forms — native and modified (without the use of chemical agents). The native form contains 7-8% of moisture, 8-9% of protein, 85-87% of starch on dry basis.Wet gluten amount is up to 24%, its quality corresponds to world standards. Compared with standard wheat flour, Amilon is enriched with starch, and can replace the latter in product recipes. The introduction of Amion allows you to adjust the viscous-plastic properties of the dough in a wide range without the occurrence of starch taste.

Modified Amilon is obtained from native one by heat treatment. The ingredient acquires the ability to swell in cold water (4 parts) or to retain oil (4 parts), becoming a functional ingredient of a wide range of action. When hydrated with water forms a dense porridge structure. Although the functional properties of modified Amilon are inferior to chemically modified analogs, the fact that it is absolutely natural, provides excellent organoleptic properties without foreign flavors.

Nowadays, the consumer pays a particular attention to natural ingredients, produced in the most «green» way. According to market research, a long list of ingredients on the packaging of the finished product can become a reason for refusing to buy. So it is important to search for new ingredients that can replace traditional, chemically obtained ingredients without losses the quality of the product. Bakery and flour confectionery are mass consumer goods, based on wheat flour. This kind of goods production often requires the usage of a large number of ingredients in the recipe. Wheat native Amilon, being a complex ingredient, allows reducing their quantity, regulating the structure of the dough and leading to the production of attractive products for the consumer. In its native form starch flour Amilon serves as a substitute for starch in the formulations of such products as sugar cookies, wafers, biscuits, while being cheaper raw materials compared with starch. This is the reason for reducing the cost of finished products without reducing the efficiency of use. The modified starch flour Amilon has excellent water and oil absorption characteristics. It influences positively on shelf life, porosity and texture of finished bakery and flour confectionery products.
In this case, as no additional agents are used in the production process, this product should not be added to the label. It is labeled traditionally as «wheat flour», which positively affects the consumer’s perception of the goods.

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