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Wheat protein concentrate «Protelon» 22 (native)

Wheat protein concentrate Protelon 22 (native) is a plant concentrate with protein content of 22% (mass fraction of wet gluten ~ 55%) and fine grinding of 37 microns (400 mesh). Protelon 22 acts as a protein dough improver, and can also be used as a substitute of wheat gluten. The characteristics of this product allow it to be used in the production of bakery and confectionery, macaroni and pasta, healthy and vegetarian food, and other products.

Product benefits:

  • — 22-24% of high-quality wheat protein
  • — Cheap replacement of gluten
  • — Natural product without the use of chemical agents
  • — No E-numbers (Clean label)
  • — NON-GMO
  • — Easy to use (stirring)
  • — Stabilizes the quality of flour
  • — Improves the rheology of the dough
  • — Gives elasticity;
  • — Increases the shelf life and the period of freshness of production

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