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Wheat fiber Biocell

Biocell — a natural wheat fiber, consisting of 97% from ballast substances (dietary fiber), which is of great importance in terms of biological value. Biocell enriches products with ballast substances, thereby reduces caloric content of food. It does not fermented by microorganisms of the intestinal flora and does not split in the small intestine. In addition, Biocell connects cholesterol and removes toxins from the body. Biocel retains its properties within 24 months from the date of production.

Natural wheat fibers Biocell are intended for use in the meat processing industry for the production of meat products to stabilize the organoleptic and technological characteristics of meat products. Natural wheat fibers Biocell have high water binding and emulsifying properties.

Biocell is used in the production of emulsified and coarse-grained meat products:

— boiled sausages, sausages, wursts, breads;
— semi-smoked and boiled-smoked sausages;
— restructured hams (produced by agitators or massagers);
— chopped semi-finished products (cutlets, hamburgers, minced meat dumplings, etc.);
— pates.

Besides meat processing industry, Biocell found its application in milk products, such as:

— cottage cheese products;
— curd desserts;
— soft cheeses;
— glazed curds;
— cottage cheese masses.

Advantages of using Biocell in the dairy industry are high water-retention properties 1: 7-10, high emulsifying properties 1: 4; neutral taste and smell; moisture binding abilities; improvement of the rheological performance of the product; increase in yield and decrease in the cost price, as well as stability of the finished product during storage.