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Wheat and corn texturate «Protex-A»

Wheat/corn texturate Protex-A is made from wheat or corn of a special type varieties by means of extrusion method using the exclusive technology of Partner-M, thanks to which all the useful properties of the raw material are better absorbed.

Texturate Protex-A is available in several forms: Protex-A 10/3B (breading) and 10/4 TR1 (texturated granules 3-5mm):

Protex-A 10/3 B (breading) — fine breading with particle size of 1-3 mm. It is used as a full replacement of breading or as a component of breading mixtures. Various coloring and flavoring options are available during the production process.

Protex-A 10/4 TR1, 10/4 TP2 — textured granules with particle size of 3-5 mm. It is used in recipes of meat and fish semi-finished products or other culinary products with preliminary hydration 1:3-4, as a classical texturate — an independent component of the formulation or as a partial/complete replacement of soy texturate.

• soy texturate alternative;
• various colors and granulometry are available;
• high nutritional value;
• does not require preliminary hydration;
• reduction of minced mince seeding by means of replacing breadcrumbs with wheat/corn texurate which ensures the preservation of the product for the entire shelf life;
• it is possible to use barley or rye as a raw material instead of wheat/corn.