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Textured wheat flour Protex-A Grade 10/1

Protex-A 10/1 is a natural wheat flour produced by the exclusive Partner-M technology due to which the flour obtained a cold swelling effect.


  • • Has high nutritional value — it is a starch-containing raw material that has preserved all the useful properties of the raw material: macro and microelements, vitamins A and B, amino acids, etc;
  • • Preserves the freshness of products during the entire shelf life period;
  • • Has high water-absorbing properties (1: 3-10);
  • • Increases the yield of finished products;
  • • Absence of E-indexes:  «clean label», labels as «wheat flour»;
  • • Stabilizes batters, dough and emulsions;
  • • Controls viscosity and texture control;
  • • Acts as a thickening agent.


  • • The dough improver for semi-finished products: the dough is elastic, tight, does not lose structure, looks thin and does not collapse; freezing does not cause cracks on the surface of the product; the product does not overboil — the shape is preserved; technological losses are reduced, there are no product fragments left during molding and freezing;
  • • Lieson: keeps breadcrumbs on the product during shock freezing, excludes losses caused by air currents in freezers;
  • • In the bakery industry increases the freshness and shelf life of bread.