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Soy texturate «Rosstex»

Rosstex is a brand of textured soy flour enriched with vegetable fibers. Rosstex is an excellent source of vegetable protein which can either supplement the main proteinaceous raw materials in meat and fish products, or fully replace them. In the hydrated form, Rosstex is structurally compatible with the fibrous structure of the muscle tissue, so it can successfully simulate it.


  • various granulometry: 1-3 mm («small chopped minces meat»), 3-5 mm («large chopped minced meat»), chunks 20-40 mm («stew»); special products: 1-3 mm (small balls), 10х10 cubes («goulash»), 10-20 мм flat piece («stake») and many more;
  • product coloration is available;
  • hydratation 1:3;
  • quick hydratation — 12-15 min with temperature +2-4 C;
  • fat retention ability not less than 135%;
  • NON GMO;
  • cost reduction due to rational use of meat raw materials;
  • increase in the nutritional value of the product — increased protein, lowered cholesterol;
  • improved of organoleptic characteristics — juiciness, biting of the product;
  • decreased thermal losses  and increase in yield of the finished product;
  • structural compatibility with minced meat, poultry, fish;
  • preservation of all amino acids and vitamins of the raw material;


  • provides a full replacement of meat, poultry and fish raw materials.