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Soy texturate «Protex-M»

Textured soy flour Protex-M is a full-fledged source of vegetable protein which can supplement the main protein raw materials in meat and fish products or completely replace them in vegetarian dishes.


• High protein content — 50%
• Wide range of applications (patties, meatballs, nuggets, soups, instant noodles, pizza toppings, snacks, vegetarian products)
• Various granulometry (1-3 mm, 3-5 mm, 20-40 mm, «ball», «goulash», «steak», etc.)
• High nutritional value
• Low fat content
• Affordable price
• Excellent taste absorption
• Simulates the structure of meat

When hydrated, Protex-M is structurally compatible with the fibrous texture of muscle tissue, therefore it is successfully used to simulate meat and poultry. Texturates Protex-M have the ability to absorb the taste of the product with which it interacts during the preparation (taste of beef, pork chicken, spices, etc). With soy texturate Protex-M, vegetarian dishes acquire an analogue of meat raw materials, which in turn enriches products with vegetable protein — one of the most important elements of the diet.