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Soy fibrous texturate «Protex-M»

Soy fibrous texture «Protex-M» is a vegetable textured protein that perfectly imitates the fibers of muscle tissue. Fibrous texturate from Partner-M is a unique product that does not have direct analogues on the Russian market!


  • • fibrous texture similar to natural meat muscle fibers;
  • • protein content not less than 65%;
  • • produced by unique «green» technology;
  • • absorption of any flavoring (spices, souces, broths, etc) ;
  • • wide range of applications: in the meat processing industry — partial replacement of meat raw materials; in vegetarian and lean food — complete replacement of meat, poultry and fish.

The use of fibrous texturate in various branches of the food industry is the way to creating and launching absolutely new products on the market, which have no analogues on the market.