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Soy fiber Protocell

Protocell is a soy dietary fiber with high nutritional value and excellent functional properties. Protocell contains not only 80% of soybean dietary fiber, which has a prebiotic effect, but also up to 20% of a protein that is close to proteins of muscle tissue in terms of amino acid composition. Protocell found its application as a raw material and a functional additive in various branches of the food industry — meat processing, dairy, fish, confectionery, bakery, etc.

Advantages of soy fiber Protocell:

  • Neutral taste and smell;
  • The granulometric composition is optimal for use in the food industry;
  • The most inexpensive type of vegetable fiber;
  • Resistance to high temperatures, due to reduced water activity stability in the processes of defrosting and freezing;
  • Water retention capacity (1: 10-12);
  • Fat-emulsifying ability (1: 8: 2-3);

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