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Pea texturate enriched with starch «Amilon» 60/3

Amilon 60/3 is a pea starch texturate with a starch content of not less than 60%, obtained by the unique «green» method of Partner-M by means of which the product has acquired high functional properties and improved organoleptic characteristics.


  • • Starch content is not less than 60%;
  • • Neutral taste and smell (no taste of legumes);
  • • Cold swelling effect;
  • • Various granulometry (1-3 mm, 3-5 mm, 20-40 mm, «ball», «goulash», «steak», etc.)
  • • High water binding capacity — 1: 3;
  • • Gluten free;
  • • Hypoallergenic;
  • • Produced from environmentally friendly raw materials that do not contain GMOs;


  • • Classic starch texturate with a wide range of use — in meat, fish and poultry industries serves as a partial substitute of animal raw materials, in vegetarian industry — as a full replacement of animal raw materials;
  • • Serves as an alternative to grain texturates;