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Pea texturate-concentrate «Protelon» 50/3

Protelon 50/3 is a pea texturate-concentrate with protein content of at least 50%, obtained by the unique «green» method of Partner-M. The protein content in Protelon 50/3 is twice as high as in ordinary peas!


  • • Protein content min. 50%;
  • • In terms of its functional and physicochemical parameters, it is an analog of soy texturate, but unlike it is not an allergen;
  • • Contains hypoallergenic protein of high nutritional value and good digestibility;
  • • The product does not contain gluten;
  • • NON-GMO.


  • • It is widely used in the food industry (in fast food products, healthy lifestyle products, in vegetarian nutrition and sports nutrition, in meat and fish industries) to improve the functional and nutritional properties of the final products.