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Pea starch flour «Amilon» 60 and 60/21

Pea starch flour Amilon is a natural flour with starch content of min. 60% made from dried yellow peas by the unique «green» method of the Partner-M company. Pea Amilon is produced in two forms: Amilon 60 (native) and Amilon 60/21 (modified by physico-mechanical method without the use of chemical reagents; during the modification, Amilon acquires the ability to swell in cold water).

Advantages of Amilon 60:

  • Combines the advantages and functional properties of pea protein and pea starch;
  • Gluten-free starch;
  • Non-chemically modified starch;
  • «Clean label» — does not contain E-indexes;
  • The particle size is not more than 325 mesh (44 microns);
  • Starch content min. 60%;
  • Protein content 12-15%;
  • Low glycemic index;
  • Hypoallergenicity;
  • Made of yellow peas, grown and harvested in ecologically clean regions of Russia;
  • NON GMO;
  • Due to the slow absorption of pea products, their consumption provides a longer feeling of satiety.

Advantages of Amilon 60/21:

  • Has all the advantages of Amilon 60;
  • The particle size is less than 80 mesh (177 microns);
  • Starch content min. 60%;
  • Protein content 18%;
  • The effect of cold swelling;
  • Water absorption min 1:4;


  • Forms strong gels and viscous paste;
  • Has a foaming ability, able to replace egg whites;
  • Perfect analogue of potato starch;
  • Being an excellent structure-forming agent, replaces hydrocolloids and chemically modified starches;
  • Having the ability to form and maintain the viscosity and adhesiveness of the pastes after heat treatment, Amilon finds application for products in batter (makes the glutenier more crisp, keeps the stick on the product, keeps the softness and juiciness of raw materials inside the batter);
  • Suitable for the preparation of Asian-style noodles, which traditionally uses starch marsh and potato starch;
  • It is used as one of the ingredients for the production of shortcake, biscuits, flour for muffins, and also used as an improved flour for the brewed dough;
  • It is used in the production of high-quality fodder for farm animals, domestic animals and aquaculture.