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Newmill Base and Newmill Classic

Newmill Base

 Newmill Base can be used as an emulsifier-stabilizer of the consistency of meat and fish minces, cooked meats and sausages, ready products, canned meat and canned milk, fish products, cottage cheese products, fish and cheese products with a purpose of improving stability of the mince, reaching more solid consistency, increasing its moisture-retaining power, increasing production capacity, and improving taste features of the products.


Newmill Classic

Newmill Classic can be used as a emulsifier-stabilizer of the emulsified products and at the same time it has a bright taste and odor of the sweet milk, especially suitable for the application in boiled sausages instead of skimmed milk in order to improve organoleptic characteristics and increase production capacity.


Efficiency of Usage:

Due to its composition and functionality Newmill products are successfully used in various segments of food processing industry.

Meat-Processing Industry: is used for the purposes of enriching products with protein, correcting the quality of the main raw materials, thickening consistency, increasing product output, improving characteristics of specialties, hams, cooked meats and sausages, semi-ready products.

Dairy Industry: is used for the purpose of increasing protein content and stabilization of consistency of yoghurts, chesses, sour cream, condensed milk.

Fish Industry: is used for the purposes of thickening and stabilization of minced fish for fish semi-ready products.