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Feed concentrate Protamilon

Bypass additive Protamilon is a protein-energy feed concentrate with a balanced ratio of “protected” soy protein and “protected” pea starch.


  • Increases productive longevity in lactating cows by 1-2 lactations;
  • Positive effect on the preservation of live weight of cows after calving, which allows to avoid the syndrome of «mobilization of fat», to increase the time of economic use of animals;
  • Increases productivity, including providing an additional yield of up to 3.5 kg per day or more;
  • Removes the negative energy balance in cows, increases blood glucose levels, which in turn contributes to an additional influx of amino acids;
  • It contributes to the optimization of metabolic processes, as well as the replenishment of IUH and LPU in the late dry phase and 1 phase of lactation;
  • Helps prevent ketosis by stabilizing the sugar-protein ratio and energy balance, as well as optimizing the metabolism of acetyl-CoA, the excess of which leads to the synthesis of ketone bodies from it;
  • It contributes to the prevention of postpartum complications in cattle;
  • It is an alternative to expensive energy.

Feeding recommendations:

The “protected” supplement Protamilon is recommended to be introduced into the diets of dry cows 21 days before calving and during the first 30 days of lactation to the basic ration individually in the amount of 1-1.5 kg per head per day, or as part of concentrates.

Typical compositions of Protamilon:

Composition Indicator
Bypass protein, g/kg Bypass starch, k/kg
Protamilon 20 133,6 236,0
Protamilon 30 169,6 207,0
Protamilon 40 205,0 177,0
Protamilon 50 241,0 148,0 

Depending on the optimization of the diet, protein-energy concentrate Protamilon is produced in various compositions according to customer requirements.

Country of origin — Russia. Manufacturer — Partner-M.