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Defatted enzymatic soy flour

Defatted deodorized enzymatic soy flour is produced from Russian NON-GMO soybean meals with maximum preservation of the protein state in the native state.


  • • Protein content min. 50%;
  • • PDI min. 70;
  • • Neutral odor;
  • • Variability of grinding degree — from 100 to 200 mesh;
  • • High level of moisture-binding and fat-emulsifying ability;
  • • Presence of properties of test improver due to lipoxygenase activity of flour;
  • • The most budgetary source of quality vegetable protein, the flour is possible to partially replace the expensive animal and vegetable raw materials.


  • • Increases the mass fraction of protein in food;
  • • Improves the quality composition of food proteins;
  • • Increases the functionality of food systems and the quality of finished products:
    — in meat, fish products — stabilizes the moisture and fat-binding capacity of minced meat, reduces losses during heat treatment, increases the yield of finished products;
    — in bakery and test confectionery products — whitens and conditions dough, strengthens wheat gluten, emulsifies fat, slows staling, improves elasticity and crumbs, promotes the development of porosity, the increase in the volume of products, improves the formability, shrinkage and embossing from the forms of products, partially replaces the egg products in the recipe of products;
    — in candy masses and desserts — improves whipping, partially replaces nut-flour and egg products, emulsifies fatty masses of fillings and interlayers, reduces the fragility of waffle leaves and dry biscuits.