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Newmill Proffi TS (Imitation of Pork Lard)

Imitation Pork Lard Present the Solution to Pork Raw Material Shortage


Newmill Proffi TS is a protein based emulsifier-stabilizer intended for producing imitation pork lard using various fat raw materials and vegetable oils.

In contrast to many, even the best ones, Russian and foreign similar products the imitation pork lard based on Newmill Proffi TS features natural taste without any “plastic” appearance or after-taste. The imitation pork lard possess good adhesion to minced meat, is tightly kept within the structure of meat product and is not destroyed even when being sliced.

Our imitation pork lard is adapted for modern processing equipment, can be processed by high-productivity equipment, is stable in wide temperature range, and can stand “froze-unfroze” cycle. The product behaves like genuine natural product, under culinary treatment can withstand boiling and frying, features thermostability.

All these results were achieved as a result of a number of purposeful experiments carried out by the experts of Partner-M Company. Any producer of meat products can be quite confident that the use of imitation pork lard based on Newmill Proffi TS can in no way reflect onthe taste or the appearance of the products and therefore it will not affect the attractiveness ofthe products in the eyes of final consumers accustomed to natural pork lard.

Newmill Proffi TS is used for producing protein-fat emulsions which imitate not only pork lard but also beef and sheep’s tail fat. It is used both in sausage and semi-ready products production.

Newmill Proffi TP forms thermally stable irreversible emulsions which can be easily cut. The emulsions imitate pork lard using any type of fats: mutton fat, beef, pork ones, crude fat, chicken fat, and vegetable oils. Raw materials used in the emulsions ranges from 1:2.5:12.5 to 1:5:10. Both cold and mixed production method can be used.


Efficiency of Usage and Advantages:

— easily substitutes, partially or in full, refractoryback fat which is usually of short supply;

truly ensures cost saving due to the use of less expensive raw materials;

— the materials remaining from manufacturing process are used to prepare the emulsions;

— the product presents a well-balanced raw fat material;

— the product is used to create typical patterns of semi-smoked sausages, cooked smoked sausages, saveloys, and boiled sausages;

— the product makes it possible to produce meat national dishes without use of pork.