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Newmill Base 3K

Newmill Base 3K is intended for use in the food processing industry as a main raw material of milk origin or as a functional complex food additive-stabilizer for stabilization of minced meat, minced fish sausage products, semi-ready products, canned food products, pates, sauces, and marinades in order to increase the stability of the minced meat and fish and fat emulsions, making consistency denser, improving the products’ taste characteristics.

Efficiency of Newmill Base 3K Usage:

 It is quite common practice to use dried milk produced in accordance with technical specifications (not standards). The products of the kind, as a rule, does not feature any functionality.

 The diagram below shows that prime costs of ready products using Newmill Base 3K is several-fold lower than those with dried milk even with equal prices of the ingredients. Moreover, Newmill Base 3K ingredient adds a nice milk taste to the product and also features good functionality (gel 1:3).