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Protein Concentrate Gelekon 650 M

Gelekon 650 М is an emulsifier-stabilizer representing the complex of proteins of animal and vegetable origin with total protein contents of 65% minimum.

1. Gelekon 650 EМ: is used in the production of emulsion products

The advantages of Gelekon 650 M are illustrated by the example of gel production.


As of now, the savings in costs resulting from the substitution of 5.0 tons of soybean isolate by Gelekon 650 M amount to 130.000 RUR (approximately 28.000 EURO).

2. Gelekon 650 PF: is used in the production of chopped and minced semi-ready products


The use of Gelekon 650 PF in the composition of products makes it possible to retain the structure of minced meat as distinct from the products with soybean isolates.