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Biophos 90

Biophos 90 is an universal mixture used both in brines and for cutting. It is a food additive is a modified food phosphate specially designed for meat processing industry. Biophos 90 is used for the for the following purposes:

 — to increase water bindingcapacity and emulsifying ability of proteins of muscle tissue;

— to improve organoleptic parameters of products: consistency, aroma, succulence, and stability of color formation process;

— to inhibit oxidizing processes at various stages of product treatment and during period of storage.

Composition: the mixture of alkaline sodium tripolyphosphate and acid sodium pyrophosphate.

Biophos 90 is used in manufacturing of the following meat products:

1. Boiled sausages:

— sausages of the highest grade, of the first grade, and of the second grade;

— frankfurters of the highest and the first grades;

— meat loaves of the highest grade, of the first grade, and of the second grade.


2. Restructured boiled meat products produced from pork and beef.

3. Minced meat semi-ready products (rissoles, hamburgers, ravioli, etc.). Cooked smoked sausages and saveloys.

4. Specialties made of whole muscle meat.

Biophos 90 is packed in multilayer paper bags of 25 kg each. Biophos 90 shall be stored in dry and cool storage rooms in undamaged factory packings.

Guaranteed shelf life is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

CharacteristicsofBiophos 90 phosphate.

Physical-Chemical Properties of Biophos 90

Item Description and Value of Parameter
Appearance hygroscopic white powder
Solubility 14 g per 100 g of water
Packed density 700 g per 1 liter
Particle sizes < 5% of particles with sizes exceeding 500
Typical analysis:
Р205(%) 57
рН (1% solution) (8.2 — 8.6) 8.4
Moisture (%) 2.2
Insoluble matters (%) 0.2
Content of toxic substances (mg/kg, maximum):
Arsenic 0,2
Lead 5
Zinc 4
Copper 1
Heavy metals 1

Before the use in meat products production, Biophos 90 should be pre-packed in parcels made from white fabric, dense paper, polymer film certified for contacts with food products, or any other material appropriate for this purpose. The weight of portions are determined according to one mixing on the basis of recommended norms presented below in the table. Biophos 90 should be pre-packed in the department for spices preparation. It is not recommended to store pre-packed Biophos 90 for more than 24 hours.

It is recommended to add Biophos 90 to the meat raw materials in dry condition or otherwise after having diluted it in the water. In the latter case the solubility of Biophos 90 should be taken into account: 14 g per 100 g of water. For instance, 200 g of Biophos 90 should be diluted in 1.5 – 2 liters of water; 300 g of the product should be diluted in 2.5 – 3 liters of water; 0.5 kg of the product should be diluted in 4.5 – 5 liters of water.

Biophos 90 is added to lean raw material at the beginning of the cutting (mixing) process; the product should be evenly distributed on the surface of the raw material. 

The order of adding ingredients when making minced meat composition:

  • — lean raw material;
  • — Biophos 90;
  • — sodium nitrite (if not added during salting);
  • — salt (if not salted meat raw material is used or if salt calculated for substituted raw material by protein is used);
  • — water (ice according to the recipe);
  • — hydrated soybean product (isd stipulated by the recipe);
  • — fat raw material;
  • — spices, aromatizers.

All other operations related to the production of each item of meat product assortment are performed in accordance with normative documents in force.

Ready products shall meet the standards in force.

Economiceffect resulting from the use of Biophos 90 is determined by increased production output, decreased mass losses at thermal treatment, reduced defective products due to lowered risk of brine and fat swells formation, increased stability of quality during the storage of products.