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Our Production Facilities

The Partner-M’s factory is located 110 kilometers from Moscow in the Maloyaroslavets city, Kaluga region. Taking advantage of the technological capabilities of our equipment, as well as of many years of practical experience and marketing awareness, we are constantly improving our product lines and offer our customers the most trending and market-relevant solutions.

By 2018, the company’s total production capacity is 70,000 tons of food ingredients per year. We work on powerful equipment of Russian, Swiss and French manufacturers, on which we produce extrusion, starch and mixed products, vegetable snacks and concentrates. Currently, Partner-M is actively developing new directions for itself — ready-to-eat vegan products for the B2C market, as well as feed additives for animals, expanding its production facilities.

Our production lines are an absolute novelty in the history of vegetable raw materials processing in Russia: our technologies does not require treatment facilities, so we obtain proteins and starches that the most interesting features and functionalities which are so essential for the food industry.

By means of our laboratory facilities, we successfully work on many technological tasks: successfully develop new recipes and enhance functional and technological properties of already well-known products. The use of the newest technologies allows us to endow products with new textural features: porosity, structure, texture, better chewing ability, among many others.

The Partner-M laboratory evaluates the results of the finished product quality by chemical parameters (mass fraction of protein according to Kjeldahl, PDI proteins, etc.), organoleptic parameters (taste, color and smell with the help of «electronic nose»), in functionality, according to rheological indicators (gel density, gel viscosity). The up to date equipment allows us to work with raw materials that are difficult to process by other methods, as well as to create products with specialized ingredients and features.