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Photo report from FI CHINA

The results of the exhibition FI China in 2016.

The exhibition Food Ingredients China 2016 took place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)March 22-25, 2016. The exhibition was attended by more than 1,400 companies. There were the largest Chinese manufacturers of ingredients, as well as international distribution companies.

Representatives of JSC «Partner — M» also visited the exhibition in Shanghai with the aim of evaluate the Chinese market in terms of import and export prospects, the main trends in the ingredients market, aimed at finding new and support existing partners, to establish relations with foreign potential customers .

This year a great attention was paid to the flavor & fragrance market, a special separated pavilion was organized for participants. There they can get information about the novelties of the smell market. Soy products also take a market niche, including texturates and modified soy flour.

During the exhibition there were companies offering ingredients, which are still unusual, such as peanut flour for cookery and dairy and nut texturates.

A large number of companies offering industrial equipment were presented.

The exhibition plays an important role for the analysis of the Asian ingredients market. The Chinese side expressed great interest in the products produced by JSC «Partner — M». At the moment, negotiations on the beginning of deliveries are held, as well as a mutual product testing by both parties.

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