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Partner-M — the official supplier of NovaPro in Russia

Since recently, Partner-M has partnered with NovaProm Food Ingredients, a manufacturer of natural collagen proteins NovaPro. Novapro are isolated, partially hydrolyzed (in order to increase its solubility) connective tissue proteins obtained from collagen tissue of bovine animals using technology that ensures the preservation of the natural structure of collagen fibers. Novapro is a unique and innovative product that meets the most stringent international quality standards.

Natural collagen proteins Novapro is used as a structure-forming stabilizing protein ingredient in the production of all types of minced meat products in order to:

  • Rational use and improvement of the functional and technological properties of meat raw materials (increasing the pH, increasing the proportion of soluble protein, moisture-binding ability, as well as reducing water activity and improving the drying conditions of raw and smoked sausages);
  • Reducing thermal losses, increasing the yield of finished products, reducing costs;
  • Improvement of structural and mechanical characteristics, including density and solidity of the finished product;
  • Reduce the risk of marriage, associated with the emergence of broth-fat edema, the separation of moisture from the product in a vacuum package;
  • Improvement of organoleptic characteristics — appearance, succulence, consistency, cutability (including elimination of moisture on the cut and easier removal of the shell) — and to improve their stability when storing finished products;
  • Decrease in calorie content of meat products;
  • The most rational use of meat raw materials of reduced grade (meat with the defects of the PSE, thawed raw materials, mechanically deboned meat).

The specialists of Partner-M are always glad to answer any questions you may have about natural collagen proteins NovaPro. In order to buy NovaPro in our company, please contact us in any way convenient for you through the «Contacts» section.