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Partner-M & SNACKEX

From June 21 to June 23, Vienna (Austria) held the exhibition SNACKEX- the largest European exhibition of snacks and nuts. Organized by the European Snack Association (ESA), SNACKEX is the only 100% snack specialty exhibition in Europe where professionals in the snack industry demonstrate products such as salty snacks, potato and corn chips, potato sticks, snack nuts, pretzels, popcorn, rice products, biscuits, bread, meat snacks, baked cheeses, extruded or pellet snacks, among many others. At SNACKEX, along with the finished products, the equipment for production and packaging, as well as various components, ingredients for the food industry were widely represented.

SNACKEX is a must-attend event for Partner-M, as for the one of the leading manufacturers of ingredients for the food industry. Partner-M’s unique technologies and wide range of products can be used in various branches of the food industry: in meat, dairy, fish, bakery, confectionery and vegetarian.

We thank the organizers and participants of SNACKEX-2017 for the valuable experience and knowledge in the snack industry!