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Partner-M was established on June 28, 2005 and by 2017 we have a stable position in the market. Our story began with small volumes and few customers, and a few years later it has turned into major deliveries across Russia, the CIS countries and abroad. At the end of 2016 we launched the new production lines and the total production increased several times!

The business environment in Russia is quite dynamic, thus the long-term existence in the market can only be possible through the manufacturing of a stable and high-quality products for competitive prices. The main objective of Partner-M has been and remains the creation of a high-grade assortment of green products that are in demand in the regular and vegetarian markets.

By 2016, the company has a strong line for the production of plant texturates with capacity of 2500 kg/h (loaded around the clock), and, in addition, separate lines for producing the breading and vegetable snacks, which simulates the real meat. This equipment is capable of producing fibrous textured products. At the end of 2015 the company, with the support of Bortnik Fund purchased powerful equipment for the production of concentrated vegetable proteins and starches. This line is completely new in the history of processing of vegetable raw materials in Russia, because the technology does not require wastewater treatment plants, while derived proteins and starches have the most interesting features and functionality that are required in the food industry.

Partner-M works with the raw material of Russian origin. In 2016 we have started to produce several types of native and extruded starches from Russian wheat and peas. All raw materials and products derived therefrom strictly do not contain any traces of GMOs.

Simultaneously, we are working on a deep functionalization of starches. For this purpose, our company has specialized laboratory equipment that can extrude raw materials and explore its characteristics in terms of chemical composition and its functional parameters.

The company has a highly intelligent creative research center, leading the development of the creation of new products (including extruded ones) and technological solutions that are in demand in the food industry.

In addition, the company creates new biotechnologies for concentration of plant and animal proteins, the production of bioethanol, enzymatic modification of products and proteins hydrolysis, the creation of biodegradable materials and products for medical purposes, as well as the improvement of extrusion equipment. Technological solutions are protected by patents, not only in Russia, but also in more than 40 countries around the world.

The staff of Partner-M are highly trained specialists who have decades of experience in the food and biochemical industries. Employees of the company regularly pass specialized trainings in Moscow and abroad, as well as workshops, seminars and team-buildings.

Our headquarters, production and the main warehouse are located in Maloyaroslavets (Kaluga region). For customers’ convenience, there is a possibility of shipment from a warehouse in Moscow and of negotiations at the Gorbatov’s State Institute of Meat Industry.

Products that are developed by the company are the winners of international competitions and have a large number of medals and diplomas. The company is currently undergoing HASP certification. If necessary, deliveries of products to foreign customers pass the examination in SJS international reputable laboratory.

The company regularly participates in major international exhibitions and conferences with reports and its own stands. The company’s specialists visit the most significant events carried out in different parts of the world.

The company’s products have satisfied customers all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as in all countries of the former Soviet Union and many countries in Europe.

Partner-M — the company which is constantly improving its production technology and equipment. We go along with the time to be always in the trend and meet the requirements of the market, keeping up with the world leaders in the production of textured and extruded products and complex food mixtures.