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Partner-M is an enterprise whose activities are concentrated on production and distribution of the most important food and feed products: vegetable, animal and milk proteins, starch-containing products, dietary fibers, among other ingredients.

Having many years of experience in the ingredient market, the company has business partners in various countries, supplying products not only to all regions of Russia and the CIS, but also to the countries of Europe and the Middle East.

Partner-M’s mission is to produce qualitative food and feed ingredients for the health of all segments of the population.

Our factory

By 2018, the company’s total production capacity constitutes 70,000 tons of food ingredients per year. Our factory is equipped with advanced, high-tech and highly automated equipment of domestic and foreign production. Our production lines are innovative for Russia. On them we introduce new technological principles of raw materials processing, which allow us to produce ingredients unique not only for the local market, but also for the foreign markets. Our production processes are focused on green technologies that ensure compliance with the principles of conscious attitude towards nature, environment and our consumers.

Quality standards
At the Partner-M enterprise, world standards of doing business are introduced — our products are certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22000 food safety management, thereby we guarantee our customers the highest quality of products.

We work only with reliable suppliers of raw materials. We have a well-equipped, modern laboratory, where we carry out end-to-end quality control — from incoming raw materials to the final product.

We are proud of our highly intelligent creative research center who leads the development of new products and technological solutions unique to the domestic and foreign markets. Cooperating with leading scientific and research organizations, the scientific and technological group of our company develops innovative solutions for the food industry, introducing the most advanced and promising technological processes for the production of new ingredients.
International work
Partner-M’s products are in high demand on the international market, which indicates the impeccable quality and competitiveness of our ingredients at the global level. The company has business partners in different countries of the world, supplying products not only to all regions of Russia and CIS, but also to France, Spain, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries. We constantly monitor the novelties of the ingredient market, participating and visiting Russian and international exhibitions, scientific conferences and specialized forums. Being well informed about the state of the modern food and feed markets, we offer the consumers products that meet all the most relevant trends.

Professional recognition
Partner-M’s products are highly appreciated not only by consumers, but also by food industry experts.

We are always among the laureates and finalists of the most prestigious national and international awards and prizes. Each new victory is an incentive to fight and achieve the highest results. Our work has been repeatedly appreciated at various exhibitions, such as Food Ingredients Europe, Ingredients Russia, Agroprodmash and many others.

Our publications

Company Partner-M offers you the materials and scientific publications devoted to our company, our products, as well as post and press releases from the largest exhibitions in the vegetarian, meat, dairy, bakery, confectionery and agricultural industries.

We work in the most important sphere of human activities — in the field of nutrition. Providing people and animals with food, we put quality, safety, diversity and accessibility of ingredients at the forefront of our work.