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Post-release (ICPUC VII conference)

7th International Soybean Processing and Utilization Conference (ISPUC VII), organized by the Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin held from 8 to 10 August 2016 has become a central platform, which gathered scientists and producers of soybean. There were discussed the main trends and directions in this segment.

The conference program included the results of studies in the field of innovative processing methods, including the integrated use of the product, new equipment, new technology.

The main participators of the conference and the exhibition were:

• Grains and oilseeds producers, processors, importers and exporters
• Manufacturers of food products, animal feed, biofuels and bio-industry products
• Technologies, equipment and service providers
• Trade representative, state organization.

Representatives of JSC «Partner-M» have tried to cover all the sections, to get maximum information about the trends in the market and new technologies.
Out of the total mass, we can distinguish the most interesting we have questions:

Section 1 — starch, protein and fiber from yellow peas
Section 2 — amino acid profile
Section 3 — feed concentrate; impact extrusion parameters; isolate properties after freeze-thaw cycles
Section 4 — water recycling; mechanisms solubility losses isolate; food use of soybean in the US
Section 5 — changing the composition of the components during storage.

Technologist and researcher of our company Natalia Khabibulia brilliantly made a presentation about the new technology company «Partner-M». This technology offers an innovative method of obtaining a concentrate. Thus, compared with currently used techniques, not only our technology is much more economical in step business building and a low-cost and compact in the area occupied by volume, but also completely green.

Natalia described each stage in detail, talked about all the advantages of technology, and can be used both as a whole, «full construction», as well as to implement in various stages.
The report has caused a large number of interesting questions, became a topic of discussion and debate. At the end of speech, we met with the chief men of soy Empire — world-renowned scientists, representatives of universities.

We thank the organizers for the perfectly organized conference and for the opportunity to participate in it. We got a lot of contacts in the field of business, science and the market trends.

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