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Textured Soy Flour «Protex-M»

Textured soy flour Protex-M is a source of vegetable protein supplementing the main protein raw material in meat and fish food products. The product has a high nutritional value with aminoacids composition very close to the proteins of the muscles texture what allows to substitute the meat and fish raw material in recipes. Textured soy flour Protex-M in hydrated condition is compatible with texture of muscles tissue and as a result could be successfully used for its imitation what is especially important in a significant substitution of the raw material in recipes, when using mechanically deboned meat (MDM), in emulsions and in animal protein connective material.

Base products:

 Textured soy flour Protex-M presenting the base product is produced as different granulometry fractions and intended for use in typical processes in the following forms:

— granules and flakes 1-3 mm and 3-5 mm: could be used in hydrated condition as a part of the meat mince in the recipes of sausages and semi ready products:

— chunks 20-40 mm: could be used in canning and in food concentrate industry.

 Textured soy flour Protex-M (base product) features high functional and technological qualities: hydratation level is 1:2.5 – 3.5, fat binding ability is more than 135%; the speed of hydratation as high as 12-15 minutes at +2- 4°С.

 Special Products:

Textured soy flour Protex-M can be used for preparing dishes of meagre diet, vegetarian products, gerontological diet products, and dietetic foodstuff. Textured soy flour Protex-M is also available as special customized products (production lots by the Customer’s request):

— as granules, flakes, pieces of relatively right geometrical shape: rectangular ones (steaks, big steaks); cubic ones (of goulash types), spherical, used as protein filler for soups and second course instant products, confectionery, etc.;

— as deodorized product, with predetermined taste and odor, with coating, naturally colored and/or tinted.

Efficiency of Usage:

— rational use of raw meat materials;

— increase in biological value and food absorbency;

— cost saving of ready products;

— increase in productivity and thermal losses reduce under culinary treatment;

— improvement of organoleptic parameters of food products.