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Partner-M  is an enterprise which activities are mainly focused on the production of textured vegetable proteins, functional blends, import of animal proteins, phosphates, vegetable fibers, as well as distribution of the products to final consumers.

The Company suppliers its products to various regions of Russia as well as to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia and other countries. These factors have been determining the stable growth of the Company for over 11 years.

Production facilities of Partner-M enterprises implement World Standards of the production processes and currently applied for ISO 22000 certificates which guarantee the high quality of the final products.

At the moment, the staff of the Company amounts to somewhat less than 120 persons. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified experts and professionals of the Ingredient Market.

R&D center of Partner-M constantly improves the products and the production process with reference to its technological and marketing advantages and creates the most desirable and modern solutions demanded by the market.

The Center of Extrusion Technologies founded by the Company in co-operation with All-Russian Meat Research Institute carries out a number of research projects aimed to meet both needs of our production processes and those of food industry on the whole.

Possessing the most powerful equipment in Russia (intended for the market of textured vegetable ingredients) we occupy the leading position on this segment of the market as regards both sales and product range.

Researchers that were carried out by the experts of leading Scientific Centers confirm the uniqueness of the products created by our team as well as the efficiency of their application in the production processes with reference to current raw material market situation. This has been repeatedly attested by the prizes and the medals awarded to our products at various competitions and trade fairs.

Partner-M Closed JSC is dedicated to the customers and ensures well organized and reliable operation. Quality, benefits, and profit are guaranteed!